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Video Transcript: Business Spotlight 2010 – Brandon’s Diner

Business Spotlight 2010 – Brandon’s Diner

The name of our restaurant is Brandon’s Diner. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have American and Mexican dishes, we also have a full bar, which has two televisions and a jukebox and we have a banquet area. We also do outside catering. Brandon’s Diner offers a really friendly environment.

We have great prices, we also pride ourselves in the quality of our food. We also pride ourselves in the customer service. When we were looking to expand, we spoke to the city officials and we really felt encouraged to come here because of the rising community and we wanted to be part of it and we like that we are in Moreno Valley because it is very diverse community.

We also get a lot of support from the city to promote our business and to just be better all around. Brandon’s Diner is family-owned business and we like to run our business like a family, we really care about our employees, we try to tend to their needs. Our slogan here at Brandon’s Diner is “Simply the Best” because we try to keep simply the best food, the best customer service and the best environment here in Moreno Valley.

Video Transcript: CEO Profile: Armando Benitez:

Armando Benitez, who purchased just a small diner called Brandon’s Diner in 1997 and has built it into a chain of seven inland empire restaurants, including the latest one in Ontario. [Armando Speaking;] “So I was a cook, of course you know for 20 years and my wife was a waitress – I cannot say that right?. And my wife was a waitress so I had a dream to have my own business.

I was a cook for 20, 20 years and you know, and then my dream was to open at locations. The biggest thing was, who is gonna rent me a building, you know. I went through few times to shopping centers to try to buy a little restaurant, but the big issue was I don’t have enough money and my credit was good, but I didn’t have enough money support me, not enough business – before I was a cook. So I finally found somebody to rent me a a building down the first location in Rancho was almost 15 years old.

So what I did was to refinance our house and I remember we paid 80 thousand dollars for that location. Having a successful business is having happy customers and happy employees.”[Juana speaking:] “Like one of the harder things to get, he said, he loved just cooking and being in the kitchen and now with seven locations, unfortunately, he doesn’t get to, he has to do a lot of paper work now and stuff so I know he gets excited when he gets a new location – he is back teaching the cooks and he loves that, but now with 7 locations it is not always possible.”[Armando Speaking;] “The first thing we do good prices and we do big portions.

I will say that those are the two main things. Another one was to do home cook. The first thing is you need to have money. If you don’t have money, you are gonna have hard time. You aren’t gonna survive. With this marketing today you need to have, another one is you need to know the business – don’t open something you don’t know, you need to know. Don’t try to open your own business if you can buy a business, which is already existing. That’s a big key.”